Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Missing Beagle - Kirriemuir, Angus - Beware of Suspicious Travellers with Irish Accents Asking About Dogs in Area and Report to Police Immediately!

Okay so I've just seen a really upsetting post on Help2RehomeScotland's Facebook page where an elderly couple have reported that their 2 year old tri coloured Beagle Cassie has been missing since yesterday.  She was last seen in Prosen Road, Kirriemuir, Angus...near Dundee.

Cassie is chipped and spayed, and was wearing a pink collar with her owners details on it at the time.

She may go with someone if called, so if everyone in the area can just keep an eye out and call Help2Rehome Scotland on 07594 117877 with any information.

Her elderly owners don't have access to a computer to send over a photo, so this is just an example picture.

Hopefully, if she's not found within the next little bit, someone will be able to get a picture over to Help2Rehome Scotland...perhaps if they have family in the area.  All I know is, they must be going out of their minds with worry.  I honestly hope this is just a case of Beagle gone wandering and will be found covered in cow poop and a smile on her face!!


What concerns me the most is that a month ago, on 8th September at around 2pm, I was stopped by this guy who asked me about my Beagle Alfie.  I had seen him at the bottom of Horlodge Hill in Arbroath where he tried to sell a guy that lives round the corner from my parents a new patio that he would do real cheap.  He was being incredibly persistent and took ages to move away.  I then continued walking round to my parents on Camus Road, and I saw him hold up a bus before then following me around the corner.

I was then speaking to the lady across the road from my parents and he stopped and said what a beautiful Beagle I had.  I said "yeah, he knows it as well!" and then when he started asking more questions, I basically just rubbered him and continued talking to the neighbour.  He finally moved on but was totally kerb crawling away and I could feel he was still watching me.  I was actually convinced that he was away to come back and knock on my door once I got in the house and try and sell me a patio.  I could just feel him skecking out myself and the dogs.  At that point I just thought he was a weirdo and laughed about it and thought he was it was just because I was wearing a really short skirt.

A couple of days later I saw a post on the Help2RehomeScotland page about travellers in the area who have been marking houses for dog stealing, either for selling, or for dog fighting rings.

Immediately I thought of this guy and went to check my FB where I'd actually made a post about him.  From there I had the date, and the time and I posted it on my page to find out my friend Suzy had been stopped and asked about her two Beagles the same day outside the Arbroath train station.  He'd tried to sell her a cheap mattress before asking her about the dogs.  Immediately I went to the police to report it and raise awareness.

This guy had dark hair, was kinda average looking (not my type anyway!!), average build...probably in his mid to late twenties.  Although as I said to police woman when I reported him, I'm 34 and I don't look it so he could be in his 30's...hell, he could even be in his early twenties...it's so hard to tell sometimes!!  He spoke in a thick Irish accent and was driving a white, unmarked transit van and appeared to be on his own.

Before I went into the police station, my darling Beagle~toes dragged me into the pet shop, Abbey Pets; and I was telling the girls in there about it, and to warn other customers.  The young girl who works in there said she'd been stopped by two weird Irish guys in a white transit van, and they had been asking her what was in a certain direction, pointing down towards St. Vigeans.  She said they were clearly just checking out the area, and they totally gave her the creeps.

I passed all this information onto the police, and the police woman I spoke to said that she would put officers on alert, and that if I saw the guy again, to try and get a licence plate (which I totally would have done in the first place had I clicked what he was up too!!).  I was advised to pass this information on to all my fellow dog walkers, and if approached again, call the police immediately and they would get an officer out as quickly as possible to hopefully stop them and question them as to what they're up too.

There have also been reports of people having guys trying to lure their dog over with treats and then tell you to prove that it's your dog, or one woman caught a guy in her back garden with a white van parked outside with a dog in the back.  The woman managed to get her dog indoors and then locked all the doors and windows.

So yes, if you are approached by anyone matching this description, or if you know of anyone that has, please call the police as soon as possible on their non-emergency number 101.  Or of course if you deem it to be an emergency, like if you see someones dog being lifted etc. call 999 asap!!

If you have a missing, lost or stolen pet, please call the Help2Rehome Scotland Missing Pet Team on 07594 117877 or email h2rscotland@yahoo.co.uk for all missing pet, rehoming and advice enquiries.