Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Review of Symphony Tools for Social Media Management

Oooh, so I've been using the new Symphony Tools to manage my social media accounts after Symphony took over the place of Networked Blogs and it's well cool.  You can really personalise different bits and bobs, and I'm sure if you look at my Facebook profiles, you can see just how great it looks.  :)  It's perfect for me personally for scheduling and automating sharing my blog to Facebook and Twitter and posting out stuff EXACTLY when I want it to get out to my followers.

Give it a try today and see what you think. This link gives you 3 months free as opposed to a month.  I totally recommend it!  :)  DO IT!  And do it quick as well before the offer runs out! :P

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Looking for a Fur~Ever Home for Former Lab Dog Anna, Now in the UK thanks to Being Recently Rescued by Unite to Care!

Meet Anna.  Anna is a very sweet dog that has recently been released from the laboratory where she was used for testing, and into the hands of the wonderful animal rights charity that I work with, Unite to Care.  

Life hasn't been very nice to this poor girl up until now, and what Anna needs now is a loving environment to live out the remainder of her days with lots of hugs and attention.  

Anna is currently in a foster home, but is looking for her fur~ever home.  She's not so much one for big massive long walks (would you be if you'd been confined to a cage your whole life!?!!), and much prefers to chill in the back garden, and just enjoy the feel of grass on her feets and the fresh air.  

Anna is adapting well to the company of cats, but not so much other dogs....especially the bouncy type.  :)  For that reason we are looking for a home where Anna would be the only dog.  Ideally a home with no children under the age of 16, unless they are incredibly mature for their age.  Anna needs a quiet life to live out the rest of her days.  

(Edited to add - Anna has been absolutely wonderful in the house, and there haven't been any accidents or anything, which is just brilliant.  Her anxiety levels seem to be worst when out on walks.  Being on a lead will be such a scary and new experience for her, especially with all these new surroundings and experiences.  

It is natural for a dog's anxiety levels to increase when on a lead.  It is also very common.  I know from personal experience with my family Westie that he is so much worse when on his lead and encountering other dogs than when he is off it.  I wish I had learned simple dog training techniques with him when he was younger and of better vision/hearing.  The other problem with Hamish and how he can be around other dogs is the anxiety my mum can have when she walks him.  My mum is generally scared of dogs.  Her and Hamish were attacked before, and dogs have went for Hamish a few times.  This means that she tenses up, and he senses that straight away.  I notice that then when I walk Hamish and he's on the lead, he goes to be agro with other dogs.  However when I let him off the lead and let him potter around on his own and go up and sniff other dogs....I generally don't have a problem.  

It's funny, because I have spied on her walking my Beagle and there is totally a different energy there.  He drives her nuts, but she almost seems calmer when walking him.  Which is interesting because Alfie insists on speaking to every dog he meets.  He has such a different energy though, so in turn that will have an effect on mother.  Alfie is the calm one though around other dogs, mother not.  Anna is the opposite, she unfortunately hasn't had the joy of being socialised and all these new experiences are really scary for her.  So Anna needs someone to be calm and patient so that she can feed off of their energy.  If you think you could be that person, we would LOVE to hear from you!)

If you have been contemplating the addition of a furry friend to your household, please do consider adopting Anna.  The rewarding experience gained from saving another creature, and giving them the kind of life they deserve, it's one of the nicest things we as humans can do in my humble opinion. :)  

For more information, please contact, or direct message our Facebook page.   You can also find us on Twitter - @UniteToCare

If everyone could please share this around as many places as possible, that would be amazing.  Also check out this video that was done from the BBC coming to meet the new rescues.  They made a bit of a mistake though and said that they had been homed, when it was just foster they had found.  But you an idea of the amazing work that Unite to Care do.  :)  

Unite to CARE (Cease Animal Research Experiments) was formed due to an increasing concern as to the use of animals and in particular beagle dogs in medical research. We are a not for profit organisation. 
Our main aim is to offer a viable alternative to research companies to allow us the opportunity to find forever loving homes for any ex laboratory or breeding dogs that are surplus to their requirements and therefore of no commercial value, as per the conditions of licensing, that loss of life or suffering is to be kept to a minimum rather than the standard euthanasia carried out. 
We are also campaigning for an end to all animal research and consequently safer medicines for all as the alternatives available that do not include suffering to animals are also a lot more accurate for the results in humans rather than relying on antiquated methods currently in place. 
There has not been a review of the law in 65 years yet technology has advanced dramatically since then meaning that lives are being risked due to the reluctance to move forward which is vital to protect the public’s health, therefore we will be lobbying MPs and aiming to persuade regulators to accept alternatives to animal experiments where they exist already but are not used due to the easy acceptance that animal testing ‘will do’ as it provides enough protection for the pharmaceutical industry to be able to say they have tested to the standard required rather than the best method available.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Check Out this Amazing Video Showing the Thirteen Lives Saved by Animal Rights Charity Unite to Care So Far!

Awwww.  I am so proud of all of my fellow Unite to Care girls and boys.  :)  When Vicky Fraser first pulled us all together to fight against pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca over two years ago when they were shipping Beagles over to the UK for testing, we were a handful of people who all believed in the same thing.  That every creature should be treated with respect, and that Beagles, nor any other animal, should be subjected to horrific testing for any kind of procedure.  We have grown SOOOOO much in that time, and gained support from some amazing people.

Check out this wonderful video to show our plight so far and the lives that have been saved. :) 

United, we stand together, and we ARE making a difference.  

To keep up to date with the wonderful work our people are doing, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.  

Please be sure to check out as well.  

Thank you!! :)  xo

Monday, 29 December 2014

Stop Pharmaceutical Giant AstraZeneca from Opening a New Animal Testing Facility in Cambridge, and Insist on a Life After Labs for the Beagles they Have Already!!

For almost two years now, pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca have been at the top of my list for most hated companies.  Despite living in a world that is so insanely advanced, both technologically, and scientifically; AstraZeneca continues time and time again to stick its needle in the dark ages with their barbaric animal testing.  

It was two years ago in February that I got involved with the newly formed Unite to Care, after AstraZeneca shipped over hundreds of Beagles from their closing down facility in Sweden, to Macclesfield in Manchester, so that they could continue their cruel and unnecessary torture of them...despite numerous offers from animal lovers to take them on board and give them a life after the lab.

The manner in which this was done was absolutely despicable, and in the middle of the night no less.  It honestly reminded me of The X Files - Fight the Future, where the secret government are shipping the alien virus in unmarked tanker trucks.  Clearly they realise how horrific their methods are, and want the public to know as little as possible.  I mean, what we don't know won't hurt us right!?!  WRONG!!  How on earth are we supposed to trust any company that is THAT shady!?

What Unite to Care have been campaigning for, and are doing our very best to work with AstraZeneca; is to ensure that rather than killing these poor Beagles after a life of torture, that they get rehomed to individuals who can show them love and compassion, and that not all humans are bad.  And to eventually...hopefully sooner rather than see ALL Beagles free from cages and a life of testing and misery!!  And not just Beagles....all animals! 

And whilst I am the first to admit that I have been known to stomp my feet and throw my toys out of the pram regarding pharmaceutical companies...I am also intelligent enough to know that progress isn't made by starting a war against them.  Progress is made through education.  Progress is made through people standing up and saying enough is enough.  We don't NEED to test on animals.  The drug companies should know this from the amount of times people have died after drugs have passed animal testing, but then killed the human test subjects.  We are not Beagles, or bunnies, or monkey's.  We have a different genetic makeup.  We also have the science now to recreate that genetic makeup...something that would lead to REAL progress.  

Just check out all of the work the Dr Hadwen Trust are doing, and you shall see actual progress.  Progress with compassion....surely that's what any decent human being strives for?  We want to live in a world where illness and disease can be treated, but without the unnecessary suffering of innocent creatures.

Recently my eyes have been opened to a lot of the good stuff that at least one of the major drug companies do. From treating disease in Third World countries by donating free medicine; to the many ecological and environmental progress they strive for both locally, and globally too.  Stuff like this assures me that there are decent people working for these companies, and individuals who want to make a change.  :)

With that being said however; I also realise that sometimes it is not the drug companies themselves, but the government and local communities that get in the way of them doing the right thing.  And that needs to change as well.  The British government should be SUPPORTING these companies when they aim to change, otherwise, they'll just think, "what's the point!?"  This is looking at the bigger picture, and we all need to speak up to make that a reality.

Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning has been running a stage by stage protest over the proposals for a new animal testing facility in Cambridge.  We do not see this as scientific progress....rather a stilt in progress.  We want you, the public, to join us in blocking the acceptance of this proposal.  To insist that they change their ways and step into the 21st Century, in a country where we have the means for real scientific progress.  Progress WITHOUT cruelty!!

You can find out more on how you can help out by either visiting the Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning Facebook page, or their website - The CAP Campaign.  The Facebook page has all the dates and information of the planned little events....for example, Twitter storms, to writing to newspapers, a mass group photo posting day....there are numerous ways we can get through to people, and utilising social media to get something to go viral; it really is the best way in this day and age!  Adapt with the times yo!  

You hear that AstraZeneca?!  ADAPT!!!  :)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Missing Beagle - Kirriemuir, Angus - Beware of Suspicious Travellers with Irish Accents Asking About Dogs in Area and Report to Police Immediately!

Okay so I've just seen a really upsetting post on Help2RehomeScotland's Facebook page where an elderly couple have reported that their 2 year old tri coloured Beagle Cassie has been missing since yesterday.  She was last seen in Prosen Road, Kirriemuir, Angus...near Dundee.

Cassie is chipped and spayed, and was wearing a pink collar with her owners details on it at the time.

She may go with someone if called, so if everyone in the area can just keep an eye out and call Help2Rehome Scotland on 07594 117877 with any information.

Her elderly owners don't have access to a computer to send over a photo, so this is just an example picture.

Hopefully, if she's not found within the next little bit, someone will be able to get a picture over to Help2Rehome Scotland...perhaps if they have family in the area.  All I know is, they must be going out of their minds with worry.  I honestly hope this is just a case of Beagle gone wandering and will be found covered in cow poop and a smile on her face!!


What concerns me the most is that a month ago, on 8th September at around 2pm, I was stopped by this guy who asked me about my Beagle Alfie.  I had seen him at the bottom of Horlodge Hill in Arbroath where he tried to sell a guy that lives round the corner from my parents a new patio that he would do real cheap.  He was being incredibly persistent and took ages to move away.  I then continued walking round to my parents on Camus Road, and I saw him hold up a bus before then following me around the corner.

I was then speaking to the lady across the road from my parents and he stopped and said what a beautiful Beagle I had.  I said "yeah, he knows it as well!" and then when he started asking more questions, I basically just rubbered him and continued talking to the neighbour.  He finally moved on but was totally kerb crawling away and I could feel he was still watching me.  I was actually convinced that he was away to come back and knock on my door once I got in the house and try and sell me a patio.  I could just feel him skecking out myself and the dogs.  At that point I just thought he was a weirdo and laughed about it and thought he was it was just because I was wearing a really short skirt.

A couple of days later I saw a post on the Help2RehomeScotland page about travellers in the area who have been marking houses for dog stealing, either for selling, or for dog fighting rings.

Immediately I thought of this guy and went to check my FB where I'd actually made a post about him.  From there I had the date, and the time and I posted it on my page to find out my friend Suzy had been stopped and asked about her two Beagles the same day outside the Arbroath train station.  He'd tried to sell her a cheap mattress before asking her about the dogs.  Immediately I went to the police to report it and raise awareness.

This guy had dark hair, was kinda average looking (not my type anyway!!), average build...probably in his mid to late twenties.  Although as I said to police woman when I reported him, I'm 34 and I don't look it so he could be in his 30's...hell, he could even be in his early's so hard to tell sometimes!!  He spoke in a thick Irish accent and was driving a white, unmarked transit van and appeared to be on his own.

Before I went into the police station, my darling Beagle~toes dragged me into the pet shop, Abbey Pets; and I was telling the girls in there about it, and to warn other customers.  The young girl who works in there said she'd been stopped by two weird Irish guys in a white transit van, and they had been asking her what was in a certain direction, pointing down towards St. Vigeans.  She said they were clearly just checking out the area, and they totally gave her the creeps.

I passed all this information onto the police, and the police woman I spoke to said that she would put officers on alert, and that if I saw the guy again, to try and get a licence plate (which I totally would have done in the first place had I clicked what he was up too!!).  I was advised to pass this information on to all my fellow dog walkers, and if approached again, call the police immediately and they would get an officer out as quickly as possible to hopefully stop them and question them as to what they're up too.

There have also been reports of people having guys trying to lure their dog over with treats and then tell you to prove that it's your dog, or one woman caught a guy in her back garden with a white van parked outside with a dog in the back.  The woman managed to get her dog indoors and then locked all the doors and windows.

So yes, if you are approached by anyone matching this description, or if you know of anyone that has, please call the police as soon as possible on their non-emergency number 101.  Or of course if you deem it to be an emergency, like if you see someones dog being lifted etc. call 999 asap!!

If you have a missing, lost or stolen pet, please call the Help2Rehome Scotland Missing Pet Team on 07594 117877 or email for all missing pet, rehoming and advice enquiries.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How Even Beagles and Bunnies Can Become Friends When the Owner Understands Responsible Dog Ownership.

Word to this.  I find it shocking that so many people do this.  Get pregnant and then realise that they have no more time for their dog.  Yes, sometimes people have good reasons for needing to rehome their pets.  Sometimes life just slams you at a road block and you rehome your dog for the good of them....not you!!

When I got Alfie from Kristi, it truly broke her heart to part with her beloved Beagles.  She was an amazing Beagle mommy and Alfie and Wally were totally her life.  Then life got in the way and she realised that for the good of her two babies, she needed to find a new home for them.  This wasn't something she took lightly as well.  Especially with Alfie...the, ummmm....more hyper/crazy of the two.  Haha.  Luckily fate stepped in and it was just by chance that I met her Beagle friend Suzy who was out with her two Beagles Amber and Gus.  Thanks to Suzy, I found out about Kristi needing new Beagle homes and I messaged her straight away.  Within about 24 hours of constantly messaging each other, she realised she wanted me to have her baby.

Instead of jumping straight in though, we did it the sensible way.  First, introducing my family Westie (whom I frequently look after) to Alfie, Wally, Amber and Gus.  Once Hamish had been pounced on by a pack of Beagles, despite being older than all four put together, he instantly joined in the crazy fun, running around like a puppy again.  My mother even made the comment after I'd gotten Alfie "What have you done to Hamish?  He thinks he's a spring chicken again!!"

Now I understand that sometimes people get a dog, and it's just not suited to their personality/life.  It's like people, some people we get on amazingly with...others, not so much.

I remember a few years back being told that I would be a terrible Beagle mommy, and that I really needed to go for a far mellower dog, due to my tendency to be hyperactive.  Always one to enjoy proving people wrong, I took on the most hyperactive, notorious Beagle in my town...and we just gelled.  He is my soul dog.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOOOOOOOVE my little Hamiseetoe and I'd be lost without him, but whereas Hamish is more independent; Alfie is a total mummy's boy.  :)  I guess this is proof that crazy mellows crazy.

The other thing that surprised people was that I was able to take on a two year old Beagle and bring him into a house with a totally independent man of the house, two year old bunny.  Within a week of being together, and after a lot of emmm....loving - Beagle to bunny style (lol), I was able to leave the two of them in the house together when I went out to work.

I gradually left them alone together and kept spying on them, and it was after I saw Alfie pull his blanket over to Jonah's bed and curl up next to him that I realised they were going to get on just fine.

Yes, Alfie may chase Jonah around, and sometimes it looks like he's getting a bit too carried away, but there is only so much Jonah will take before he stands his ground and Beagle~toes gets some kung foo bunny feets to the face.  Haha.  Proof as can be seen here when Alfie keeps trying to steal Jonah's food.  :)

At the end of the day, I believe that all dogs can be really does just truly depend on the owner.  Bunnies too.  :)  Be sure to check out some of the books and things I've linked to here on Amazon.  Many I read cover to cover before getting Alfie. 

And remember, every breed of dog is different...and every dog is different.  As long as you have the time and patience to dedicate to your beloved pet, you will get years of laughter and fun out of them.  And plenty of exercise.  

Monday, 27 May 2013

Good News - The Escape Artist Beagle in Arbroath Has Been Reunited with His Owners.

The Beagle that I had reported to be found in the Warddykes area of Arbroath late Thursday night and taken in by a kindly owner before being handed into the police on Friday, has today been collected by his owners I've been informed.  Yay!!!

I've yet to find out who this pesky pup belongs too but I'm sure my Beagle~toes Alfie will have the pleasure of meeting him sometime soon.  Thanks to everyone who shared all of the posts on Facebook and Twitter.  You all rock!!  And yay to Jilly for taking him in and taking him to the police in the first place. :) xox